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leahxvx's Journal

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Leah. Vegan. Straight edge. Feminist. (A). Punk.

*if you add me on myspace, PLEASE specify where you found me or I will not add you.

(a), 1905, a//political, against me, alternative, amebix, anarchism, anarcho punk, andrew jackson jihad, animal liberation, animal rights, anti-product, antischism, antisect, appalachian terror unit, autumn, avocados, awkwardness, axegrinder, ballast, battalion of saints, beirut, bikes, black flag, blackbird raum, bones, bratmobile, bread & roses, bread & water, captain chaos, cats, chai, christian death, chumbawamba, cock sparrer, cocorosie, conflict, contravene, crass, cress, criminal damage, crust punk, deer, defiance ohio, detestation, devo, diaspora, dirt, dirtiness, doom, drawing, dreadlocks, exploring, fall of efrafa, feathers, feminism, flowers in the dustbin, flux of pink indians, folk punk, foxes, french speaking countries, fruit, garmonbozia, ghosts, hagar the womb, hand holding, harum scarum, homomilitia, honey bane, hot sauce, icons of filth, iskra, johnny hobo&the freighttrains, kimya dawson, kitty face, kylesa, lebenden toten, liberty, live free or die, lost cherrees, love, minor threat, mischief brew, moldy peaches, mushroom attack, nana grizol, nausea, no shoes, nux vomica, old cadillac hearses, omega tribe, oregon, oroku, painting, peace punk, pie, pieklo kobiet, pizza, poison girls, potlucks, practicality, protestera, punk, records, resist and exist, root beer, rosa, rubella ballet, rudimentary peni, sewing, sobriety, soup, spicy food, steampunk, stencils, stick n' poke tattoos, stiff little fingers, stone the crowz, straight edge, street art, sunflowers, sxe, tea, teeth, the clash, the damned, the dead milkmen, the descendents, the evens, the mob, the smiths, the system, the underdogs, the yarbles, this bike isa pipebomb, trees, typewriters, vegan, veganism, vermont, weakerthans, wingnut dishwasher's union, wire, witch hunt, wolves in thethroneroom, x-ray spex, xvx, yoga, zegota, zounds